Shan's hand-outs from her voice workshops


Shan trained as a speech and language therapist and has combined her interest in singing with her expertise to develop and lead a series of workshops on topics related to the use of the voice and on how to look after it. First presented at the Baring-Gould Song School, the workshops have now been presented at a number of singing weekends and festivals in England, Australia and the USA.

She also coaches individuals on these skills working from home in Gloucester and if you would be interested in finding out more about private voice coaching please contact her at shan.graebe{at} (replacing {at} with @, of course).

Shan says:

Our voices are incredibly important to every one of us. We use them for so many reasons - to work, to play, to laugh, to cry, to express complex thoughts, to be creative, to communicate our feelings - and to sing.

I believe that singing is one of the most delightful and profound things that human beings do - and that everyone can do it!

Like any skill, singing is something that we can learn more about, and if we practise, then we get better at it. In the case of the voice, it is also something that can get damaged if we do not take proper care of it.

Your voice is like a precious instrument, and you should each look after it well.
I have been teaching individuals and running workshop sessions on various aspects of voice and singing for several years, and have developed some handouts to complement the information and practical experiences I cover. You may download any of the handouts that interest you.
I hope you find them useful and will enjoy knowing more about the wonderful gift of singing




The hand-outs can be downloaded using the links below:

Understanding how the Voice Works

Keeping your Voice Healthy

Breathing for Singing

Handling your Nerves

Giving your Voice Carrying Power

Emotional Power

Clearing your Throat

Memorising the Words


Voice tips

Singing Tips

How to warm up (and down)