This is a new book that Shan has made with help from Martin and quite a few other people. It came about like this. Like many of our generation, we have discovered the joys of becoming Grandparents. Since one of our main interests is singing traditional songs, it made sense to me to start singing some of these to our new babies from the start. And I found that traditional songs work really well for young children. Lullabies sent them to sleep, short repetitive songs engaged their attention, action songs made them smile. I started sharing some of these songs with grandparent friends, and so came the idea of gathering them together in a book.

There are 30 songs from England and America, taken from various manuscript collections and other sources. The songs are set out one to a page, with the music and the words, and are simply illustrated with block prints. I have included a CD-R for those who prefer to learn by listening. I have also included some notes about each song: how we like to use it, and where the song came from. The cost is £10, plus post and packing. That is £2 within the U.K. If I'm sending elsewhere, I'd have to let you know.

If you would like any further information about the book, please do contact me.


23 October 2014