A collection of songs that Martin has written or set to music
with sheet music to play, download or print


I have decided to make the songs that I have written over the years freely available on the Internet to anyone who wants them - and who would like to sing them. Most of them appeared in the song books that I published - The Singing Story Man in 1978 and the upgraded version Jack in the Green and Other Heroes in 1999.  I will probably continue to add some odds and ends as I discover/remember them. This will include some of the songs that I have found (or been given) from traditional and other sources and have set to music.

The songs are presented using the Sibelius Scorch format used elsewhere on this site. You will need to download Scorch to view them - but that is easy - click the link and instructions will appear. You may need to adjust the playback speed for some of them. In each case I have enabled the option that lets you print the songs. You can also save them if you are a 'Sibelius' user.

I do, of course, own the rights to these songs but I am very happy for anyone to sing them in folk clubs, at festivals or in any live performance without your needing to ask - that's why I wrote them. If you would like to record one of my songs I would appreciate it if you would contact me - I have never refused permission yet and, like any songwriter, I love to hear my songs performed well.

I hope that you enjoy singing them!

Martin Graebe
September 2008


Songs from 'Jack in the Green and other heroes':

  A Sailor's Farewell

Harry The Hawker

A Hunting Song

The Singing Story Man

Stonecracker John

Peter's Private Army

Jack in the Green

Harriet Lane

Eight Set's Song

King of the Light-Finger Gentry

November Drinking Song

The Chorus Song

The Shropshire Union

The Lavender Express

Daniel's Ducks

The Great Galleon of Plymouth

The Knocker-up Woman

Honiton Lace

Newton Fair

From Severn, by the Somme 

Laying my Life on the Line


The 'Bits and Pieces':

Cherrington Bells

(more to come)