Song sheets for you to download, play and print


From here you can view, play and print a song sheet for each of the tracks on the CD. The song sheets have been prepared using 'Sibelius Scorch'.

If you have not used 'Scorch' before you will be invited to download a 'plug-in' for your web browser when you click on one of the links below for the first time. You will be given the opportunity to read the instructions for 'Scorch' when you have downloaded the software (it is small and doesn't take long to load). If you can't wait, go straight to the 'Scorch' download page here

We are presenting these files free of charge and hope that you will use them and sing the songs. We would like it if you could ensure that, when you introduce the song to an audience that you acknowledge the singer that it came from and, secondly, the collector who recorded it for us.

There are two songs of my own on the CD and they are included here. I am also putting a number of the other songs that I have written in another part of this site in 'Scorch' format. I retain the rights to these songs but please feel free to sing them as often as you wish - that's what they are for. If you should wish to record or broadcast them, I would appreciate it if you could contact me first.


The Songs:

The bold privateer

American stranger

Hunting the hare / Adam the poacher

Among the green hay

Shropshire Union

A frigate well manned

Come all you worthy Christians

The great galleon of Plymouth

Henry Martyn

The lark in the morn

The setting of the sun

The complaining maid

Down in the coal mine

My coffin shall be black